Full Proof

Proof: 125
ABV: 62.5%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$

Rob Allanson 9.0

Nose: Sweet almond paste, cherry cola cubes and then floral. The oak cuts through the
alcohol to give vanilla and wood smoke.

Palate: The spices are huge at first, all those oak tannins, cinnamon and cumin, then they recede into a lovely cherry pie and vanilla sweetness.

Finish: A little grippy oak and then dries on all those exotic oak spices.

Comments: Despite its soaring proof, this is effortlessly smooth, spicy and a benchmark Bourbon.

Sam Coyne 8.2 

Nose: Ice cream with a rich toffee syrup. A gentle fruitiness of bitter cranberries. 

Palate: Big whack of oak spice, before more of those red berries. Toffee is a little lighter, a savory pepper comes through. Mouthfeel is striking – coating and luxurious. 

Finish: Medium to long and similar to  the palate. Vanilla creams and bubblegum are new additions and balance out the savory flavors. 

Comments: A statement whiskey. Water dials down oak and draws out fruit.


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