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291 – Colorado Rye Whiskey

Colorado Rye Whiskey
Distillery 291

Proof: 101.6
ABV: 50.8%
Style: Rye
State: CO
Price: $$$

Rob Allanson 8.8

Nose: Sweet, dusty books, metallic warming radiators. Hot buttered rye bread, citrus slices through with tangerine juice, Key Lime pie and lemon posset. Sweetness from vanilla and cream.

Palate: Gorgeously spiced with black pepper, dried red chilli and smoked sea salt. A black cherry tang then sweet vanilla pastry.

Finish: Mouth watering with cherry cola chews and gentle oak notes.

Comments: Just what I like in a rye – smooth but interesting. Manhattan time?

Sam Coyne 8.0

Nose: Luscious berries – fruit pie in vanilla custard, topped with brown sugar and cinnamon. A prickle of hot spice. 

Palate: Caramel, but further red berries dominate. Warm sugary pastry and a peppery note. Arugula salad provides a little vegetal spice. Rye bread and cinnamon near the end. 

Finish: Short, all flavors from the palate. Rye bread note is lasting.

Comments: A satisfying rye whiskey. Worth having behind the bar for cocktails.


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