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Breckenridge Whiskey – PX Cask Finish

Breckenridge Whiskey
Colorado Port Cask Finish

Proof: 90
ABV: 45%
Style: Bourbon
State: CO
Price: $$

Rob Allanson 8.4

Nose: Banana, those little foam banana sweets, then grilled peaches. Moves to the savory with a honey glazed ham, dark rye bread spice pep then ends with candle wax.

Palate: Sweet, spicy and fruity, waxy mango, pineapple and chilli. Honeycomb sweetness floods through.

Finish: Long, waxy and spicy. Warms the soul and is very morish.

Comments: Impressive stuff, with some great integration between the nose and the palate.

Sam Coyne 8.1

Nose: Red fruits and vanilla creams. Grassy, with fresh coriander. Caramel drifts in wafts. A sugary popcorn and fresh rye note comes forward.

Palate: Very sweet and smooth. The rye takes hold, with a lasting peppery spice. Dried cranberries. 

Finish: Long and the rye continues. It’s pretty drying as oak and tannins take their turn. 

Comments: Balanced between sweet and savory. Especially easy drinking, yet has its own developed character.

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