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BSB 103 – High Altitude Brown Sugar Bourbon

BSB 103
High Altitude Brown Sugar Bourbon 
Heritage Distilling Company

Proof: 103
ABV: 51.5%
Style: Flavoured
State: WA
Price: $$

Rob Allanson 8.2

Nose: Scented candle, fresh cardamom, maple syrup and brioche buns. Gingerbread, ginger snap biscuits, apple pie and caramel sauce. Hints of chilli shrimps and barbecued corn.

Palate: Sweet, sweet and more sweet, brown sugar. Gingerbread, caramel chews, vanilla cream and toffee apples.

Finish: Pure sweetness here, then the apple, ginger and sticky caramel take over. Just keeps going.

Comments: Good integration. Finish keeps giving more and more.

Sam Coyne 8.0

Nose: Curious. Gingerbread and sugar – warm and while very sweet is also refined. Inviting. Sweet, fresh pastries and vanilla custard. Mown lawns. 

Palate: Oak spice and toffee apples on the tip of the tongue. Brown sugar, vanilla pastries and chopped almonds. Spice in abundance; cinnamon and cloves. Rummy raisins. 

Finish: Really lasts. Very smooth.

Comments: Unlikely to please all, but fun, quirky and more than a little tasty.


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