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Coppersea – Straight Rye Malt Whisky

Straight Rye Malt Whiskey 
Coppersea Distillery

Proof: 96
ABV: 48%
Style: Rye
Style: NY
Price: $$$

Rob Allanson 8.7

Nose: Heaps of sweet pastry, marzipan, vanilla and cherry frangipane. Citrus and then things darken with Cherry cola, rye bread and forest honey.

Palate: Soft and smooth with a little spice kicking in. Those cherry notes are at the core with the sweetness of honey coming through too.

Finish: Sweet and spicy, almost Kirsch-like. A touch of smoke.

Comments: A peppery rye, dominated by those huge cherry notes. Feels like it would lead to a cracking Manhattan.

Sam Coyne 7.8 

Nose: Lush red apples that get caramelized. Floral towards the end.

Palate: Sweet caramel with a touch of rye spice. Takes control, with pepperiness and a bready note. Arugula salad brings a welcome savory note and something herbaceous.

Finish: Long. Rye bread followed by tobacco and herbal note.

Comments: Promised a different direction, but it takes you on an interesting journey all the same. A straight-forward palate plays flavors in harmony.

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