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Eagle Rare 10 Years Old – Kentucky Straight

Eagle Rare 10 Years Old 
Kentucky Straight

Proof: 90
ABV: 45%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$

Rob Allanson 8.3

Nose: Leather, toffee and coffee cake. Caramelized banana with macadamia nut cookies, apples with brown sugar. Sulfur at the end, spent matches.

Palate: Green apples with caramel sauce sweetness, a little leathery note too. Grilled sweetcorn and smoke notes – wood smoke.

Finish: Huge great tannins hit with spices. The mouth puckering dryness of oak comes through after a while.

Comments: A great example of a Bourbon. Ticks all the boxes.

Sam Coyne 8.2

Nose: Apple skins – oxidized slightly. A floral note with vanilla. Wooded spices.

Palate: Cereal notes, before a vegetal woodiness. Sweetness, with vanilla custards and crème caramels. Ends savory with a rye-bread note. 

Finish: Lingering middle length, with more herbal. Minty.

Comments: Remarkably easy drinking and smooth throughout. Everything is nicely kept in balance. Something comforting about this one.


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