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Elijah Craig – Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Elijah Craig
Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 
Heaven Hill Brands

Proof: 94
ABV: 47%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY 
Price: $$

Rob Allanson 8.9

Nose: So floral at first. A florist’s on a sunny day, jasmine, honeysuckle and orchids; heady stuff. Then red apples, poached pears and waxy mango. Sugar-coated orange sweets.

Palate: Follows the nose well, floral notes then those wonderful fruits. Oranges with brown sugar, pears in cider and caramel candy.

Finish: Juicy citrus notes, then it dries on tannins; think black tea.

Comments: Oh yes, hello Kentucky. If the state did orange groves…

Sam Coyne 7.8

Nose: Caramel and a big oaked spice note. Sweetness of toffee apples comes through.

Palate: Sweetness continues, along with tannins and oak Caramel and vanilla comes to the fore, although moves to rye bread and spice. Menthol and coriander moves towards  a real drying grassiness.

Finish: Long and spicy.

Comments: No one flavor takes over, but wooded spice errs on being too much. Palate has a lot going on. Balance is impressive.

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