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Old Forester – Statesman

Old Forester

Proof: 95
ABV: 47.5%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY 
Price: $50-$99.99

Rob Allanson – 8.5

Nose: Buttery hot cornbread with chilli infused honey notes. Long pepper and a cough syrup edge. BBQ pepper steak with a lovely plum sweetness.

Palate: Big sweetness up front, wonderful vanilla notes, then the sweetness of poached peaches in honey and apricot jam.

Finish: Dries on the sweetness of vanilla and white peaches.

Comments: Not huge or too punchy, shows lots of complexity though and represents a decent solid Bourbon.

Sam Coyne – 8.7

Nose: Cocoa powder, a little dusty and bitter. Oak spices, but then the embers of a bonfire. 

Palate: Citrus and lots of it. Puckering. The peel of oranges and bitter lemons. Gets rounded out by sweetness of nutmeg, cinnamon and a smooth caramel. 

Finish: Really long. Harbors more oak than the palate, but balances everything nicely. 

Comments: Palate flavors are really well pronounced, but punctuated by the oak on the finish. A good go-to Bourbon. 


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