Angel’s Envy 
Bacardi LTD.

ABV: 50%
Style: Rye
State: KY
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.3

Nose: Brown sugar glazed pecans.  Caramel popcorn and toffee. Slight black licorice whip, hint of clove and allspice.  Fresh-baked cinnamon rolls.

Palate: Rye first then honey-granola notes. White pepper and mint. Add a splash of water to release some butterscotch and yellow apple.

Finish: Warm and sweet with soft spice. 

Comments: A very approachable rye that can slide down an ice block for an enjoyable sippin’ whiskey.

Susan Reigler – 9.0

Nose: Distinctive spicy herbal rye note, with warm caramel and a whiff of caramelized lemon peel. 

Palate: The initial taste is of caraway and horehound. Caramel and brown sugar mid-palate with ginger spice, more lemon peel.

Finish: Sweet with the brown sugar and caramel and dries out nicely without a trace of bitterness.

Comments: Adding a little water brings out nutty flavors and more ginger. 

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