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Balcones – Baby Blue Corn Whiskey

Baby Blue Corn Whiskey 
Balcones Distilling LLC

Proof: 92
ABV: 46%
Style: Corn
State: TX 
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 7.0

Nose: Corn husk with a bit of medicinal bang.  Golden raisin and oak essence with slivered almonds and hay.

Palate: Corn oil wrap with apple and dried apricot.  Faint vanilla and honey sweep dissolving into an earthy throw of wood.

Finish: Modest heat Small bites of citrus and cornbread with a toasty frame. 

Comments: Would be a nice mixing partner with light syrups and herbaceous flavors.  Would welcome a little more oomph.

Susan Reigler – 7.8 

Nose: Freshly shucked corn and sweet vanilla with dry oakiness. Simple, but inviting. 

Palate: Vanilla predominates with ripe apple and cornbread.  Corn does not overwhelm. Sprinkling of white pepper and a drop of honey. 

Finish: Warm and relatively short.  Dries to a touch of sweet oak. 

Comments: This is not a complex whiskey, but it is well made and the proof gives it a little heft without overheating it. 

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