Cleveland Whiskey – Underground Bourbon Whiskey finished with Black Cherry Wood

Cleveland Whiskey 
Underground Bourbon Whiskey finished with Black Cherry Wood 
Cleveland Whiskey

Proof: 94
ABV: 47%
Style: Bourbon
State: OH 
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.2

Nose: Cherry cola and young wood.Floral honeysuckle that is perfume-like.  Light brown sugar and graham cracker. Crushed black walnut.

Palate: Spice pops with black pepper and cinnamon.  Leather and coffee, sugared dates and oak.

Finish: Spice that lingers and carries to a sweet caravan of toffee and cherry.

Comments: A Bourbon that is ‘cigar-suited” siting in an easy chair and would invite a milk chocolate pairing.

Susan Reigler – 7.5

Nose: Sweet vanilla with some mild aroma of apricots. Quite light. Does not seem to get stronger after time in the glass. 

Palate: Apricots predominate on the palate, light notes of vanilla and sweet oak. 

Finish: Warm, without heat. Stays sweet.

Comments: Enjoyable, if not complex, especially if your taste in Bourbon tends toward the fruity style. It is doubtful that it would stand up in a cocktail. Adding water brings out the oak.

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