Copper Fox Distillery unveils updated branding and Sassy Single Malt Rye

Virginia-based distillery, Copper Fox has released a new look for its existing products as well as limited edition releases

Copper Fox Distillery has launched new branding and packaging for the distillery’s existing products and new limited-edition releases.

“The new packaging and label design better organizes our current product portfolio, better communicates our rich brand story at the shelf, and helps cut down on confusion as it didn’t seem that people understood our Copper Fox Rye and Wasmund’s Single Malt were from the same distillery,” explained Rick Wasmund, founder and master distiller at Copper Fox Distillery.

Current fans familiar with Copper Fox products will no longer see Wasmund’s on the Original Single Malt Whisky label. “Although the label has changed, our ‘original’ spirits are the same. This consolidation under the Copper Fox brand reflects our respect for the history and culture of whisky, our commitment to malting our own locally grown barley, and our passion for innovation.”

Copper Fox Sassy Rye is the newest addition to the Copper Fox Distillery portfolio. A unique single malt distilled with 100 percent Virginia rye, Sassy is floor malted and smoked with Virginia sassafras wood then double pot stilled, aged with new and used Applewood and oak chips inside used bourbon barrels, and finished in a second used bourbon barrel.

Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA

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