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St. Augustine Distillery – Port Finished Bourbon

St. Augustine Distillery 
Port Finished Bourbon 
St. Augustine Distillery

Proof: 102
ABV: 51%
Style: Bourbon
State: FL
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.4 

Nose: Cherry and dark leather. Caramel reaches out and is surrounded by some herbal tea and woody notes.

Palate: Bready and black walnut on first sip, then subtle white pepper and oregano.  Framed and structured with toasty flavors. 

Finish: Long pepper on the finish that lingers and sweetens on the center of the tongue.

Comment: Flirts with some decadence of the cherry and dark leather. Would make a seriously good Manhattan.

Susan Reigler – 8.2 

Nose: Roasted corn with lots of spicy oak. Stewed fruit and some baking spices follow.  

Palate: Stewed fruit on the palate with saddle leather and pecans. A couple of drops of water releases sweet baking spices but seems to minimize the fruit.

Finish: Oak on the finish, starting at the back of the tongue and drying to a clean ending with no bitterness. 

Comment: On balance, this benefits from a little water and provides some solid sipping pleasure. 

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