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Dry Fly – Straight Triticale Whiskey

Dry Fly 
Straight Triticale Whiskey 
Dry Fly Distilling

Proof: 90
ABV: 45%
Style: Triticale
State: WA 
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.5

Nose: Delicate granola and vanilla. Cardamom spice that rounds out quickly to engage the peach and golden apple notes. Some oak and toasty crouton. 

Palate: Apples and almonds with some toffee overlay and slight caramel. Grits and cereal tones that balances the earthiness. 

Finish: A sense refinement without overdoing the spice. 

Comment: Easy to drink really, and nice silky frame that is enhanced by that handsome spice flavor. 

Susan Reigler – 8.3 

Nose: Vanilla cupcake with light caramel icing. A second noising reveals notes of rye grass.   

Palate: The flavors in the mouth emerge in the same pattern as on the nose with the vanilla and sweet notes (icing) followed by the spices. There’s something floral here, too. 

Finish: The spices play around eh tongue for quite a while before giving way to some rye grass and a dry ending. 

Comment: The proof point seems just right for the balance of flavors. 


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