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Dry Fly – Straight Wheat Whiskey Cask Strength

Dry Fly
Straight Wheat Whiskey Cask Strength 
Dry Fly Distilling

Proof: 120
ABV: 60%
Style: Wheat
State: WA
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.4 

Nose: Slight floral note with a honey overlay. Soft ginger that illuminates when it opens. Oak and white cherry notes. 

Palate: Supple honey, but boy does that licorice note come out with some wood sugar. Ripe plums and sugared dates. 

Finish: Nice texture and black pepper spice with soft sweetness. Some velvety tannins. 

Comment: Gradually unfolds on the tongue and would like this in a Manhattan cocktail.

Susan Reigler – 8.5

Nose: Sweet and fruity with a hint of alcohol. That’s impressive given the high proof. 

Palate: Crème brulee with ripe apples and pears dominating the palate. Cinnamon spiciness adds warmth. Again, for the proof this is remarkably smooth. 

Finish: This is where the proof finally reveals itself with persistent heat. It’s not flame thrower intensity, but definitely high proof. 

Comment: Water sweetens the sweet wheat elements and releases notes of mint. 


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