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Black Diamond – 1%er Renegade Whiskey

Black Diamond 
1%er Renegade Whiskey
Black Diamond Whiskey

Proof: 100
ABV: 50%
Style: White
State: ME 
Price: $

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.9 

Nose: Green apple and white cane sugar. A wealth of yeast and crushed almonds. Grain presence but not overdone. Some anise and white pepper. 

Palate: Peppery yet has a creamy vanilla pudding center that glides with a touch of the green apple and pineapple. Laced with macadamia nut. 

Finish: Has staying power and full on coating mouthfeel. 

Comment: Highly mixable for a cocktail and would do wonders with a flavored soda.

Susan Reigler – 8.0 

Nose: Very herbal with a distinct grassy note. 

Palate: It takes a couple of sips for the flavors to begin to emerge. These are mostly cornhusk with some rye grass. Very herbal, corn sweetness lands halfway along the tongue. 

Finish: Very clean and dry. The 100 proof warmth hangs about for quite some time.

Comment: There may be a bit of dark cherry fruit here, too. Use just a little of a very dry vermouth, shake well, and serve in a cocktail glass with an olive. 

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