MGP announces launch of Rossville Union Barrel Select

As the first proprietary straight rye whiskey label from MGP, Rossville Union has announced a new campaign in celebration of its first year of business, called Rossville Union Barrel Select.

The new program will allow retail customers to personalise the flavour profile and packaging, alongside having individually numbered bottles and personalized labels. Each account taking part in the Rossville Union Barrel Select will meet the distillery team in Lawrenceburg in order to select and order their speciality blend of barrel reserves.

The Rossville Union Barrel Select program, named after the founding distillery in Lawrenceburg, will launch this fall, all bottled at 100-proof. For MGP, Rossville Union represents a nod back to tradition and the home of crafted rye whiskey.

Vice president of brands at MGP, Andrew Mansinne comments: “Rossville Union Barrel Select combines two of our greatest strengths: first, our longstanding history of making great rye in historic Lawrenceburg, and second, our exceptional blending expertise.

“Rossville Union Barrel Select allows us to offer a one-of-a-kind solution for accounts to select the perfect mingling and custom bottling for their customers. We’re thrilled that this new program coincides with the first anniversary of Rossville Union and caps a year that has exceeded our expectations for Rossville Union.”

Rossville Union Straight Rye Whiskey Barrel Select


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