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Bulleit Bourbon – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bulleit Bourbon
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Proof: 90
ABV: 45%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.6

Nose: Juicy peach and floral aroma with a vanilla bounce. Soft ginger and light baking spices. Milk chocolate and shaved coconut.

Palate: Great smokey cherry-like essence and the chocolate moves to a dark cocoa with brilliant caramel character.

Finish: Fabulous mouthfeel that is surround-sound and textured. Long finish of oak.

Comment: Smooth and silky to the touch-an all-nighter of a whiskey.

Susan Reigler – 8.0 

Nose: Sweet corn and ripe apples, with some other sweet notes mingled in. The faintest trace of liquorice and brown sugar.

Palate: Ripe corn, with some dry rye spice, as well. The fruit is more sun-baked now. Apples have changed into raisins and dates. 

Finish: The finish becomes dry and spicy very quickly, with pepper spice lingering.

Comment: Not especially compelling as a sipping whiskey, but it could make a very good house cocktail Bourbon.

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  1. Gary Crockett

    The Bulleit Blender Select is the best tasting whiskey in America

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