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Collaborative distilling with Bardstown Bourbon Company

Bardstown Bourbon Company is relatively new to the world of distilling in Kentucky at only three years old, however, it is already putting itself right up there with the big players in terms of innovation and drive.

With their Collaborative Distilling Programme, the brand is creating 41 individual mash bills per quarter and using state-of-the-art technology to do so. This includes Ignition, a programme which shows a complete flow of operations throughout the distillery, maximising efficiency, while also ensuring transparency.

By building close working relationships with their clients, through the Collaborative Distilling Programme, Bardstown are tailoring their offerings to suit the needs of each brand they work with. Whether that is through the varying mash bills or offering barrel storage in their own rickhouse and all that is in between.

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While popularity of their own whiskey is continuing to expand on the back of their Fusion Series Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey release, a blend of 60 per cent Bardstown Bourbon Company 2 Years Old wheated and high-rye Kentucky Bourbon and 40 per cent 11 Years Old Bourbon from Kentucky, there are no plans to reduce the time spent on collaborative distilling.

Of course, collaboration runs far deeper than their programme, it is something that Bardstown are priding themselves on in all levels of the business. A prime example of this is their sensory panel, made up of their in-house bartenders, chefs and distillers who are creating a unified vision for Bardstown Bourbon Company.


Expansion of their Napa-style vision is just around the corner, with plans for both a hotel and bottling line in the making which are set to add to the already impressive value of this experience for both brands and the consumer. We will be catching up with Dan Callaway, director of product development, visitors experience, and bourbon education at Bardstown Bourbon to find out more about their plans for the next 18 months. Watch this space!

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