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Thirsty Thursdays: Chocolate Old Fashioned

We’re back with round two of Thirsty Thursdays – and you’re in for a treat, especially those of you with a bit of a sweet-tooth!

We love to see you testing out these recipes, so be sure to tag us when you’re enjoying your delicious Chocolate Old Fashioned over at @americanwhiskeymag and @balconesdistilling.

Enjoy this twist on the Old Fashioned we all know and love…



  • 3 dashes Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters
  • 2 oz. Balcones Rye
  • 1 tsp Rich Turbinado Syrup

Build the bitters, rye and syrup on an ice cube in the rocks glass, the stir. 

Add a twist of lemon peel.


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