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Michter’s announces 2019 release of 20 Year Old Bourbon

Michter’s has announced the release of its 2019 20 Year Old Bourbon, which will be available from early November, approved by master distiller, Dan McKee and master of Maturation, Andrea Wilson.

“It’s an elegant Bourbon with lots of depth and cascading flavors,” said Michter’s president Joseph J. Magliocco. Older barrels in Michter’s rickhouses receive extra attention from the production team. “We have a protocol whereby our master distiller and I taste our most mature lots of whiskey more frequently to determine peak quality,” stated Wilson.

The 2018 20 year old release was named as the winner of the 16-20 year old Bourbon category in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2020.

“By paying such careful attention to maturation, we wind up with 20 year plus barrels that can be really special and complex without being overly woody,” added McKee.

The proof of the 2019 release is 114.2, and the suggested US retail price for a 750ml bottle is $700. For more information, please visit



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