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Balcones Distilling and Davos Brands form national partnership

Davos Brands has announced the addition of Balcones Distilling to its portfolio, taking the first steps into the fast-growing American whiskey category.

With this partnership, Balcones is set to join Davos Brands’ roster, which includes premium spirit brands such as Aviation American Gin, TY KU Sake, Sombra Mezcal, Atral Tequila and Iichiko Shochu.

Andrew Chrisomalis, Davos Brands chief executive officer says, “We’ve searched high and low, for years, for an American craft whisky brand that best matches our portfolio and company ethos:  Best in Class products. Balcones Distilling is just that, in spades. There is literally no more awarded craft distillery and team in the US than Balcones. The brand has pioneered the American single malt whiskey category and now Balcones and Davos together are prepared to launch Balcones Bourbon throughout the US and world. We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with the entire Balcones team.”

Guillaume Cuvelier, Davos Brands vice chairman adds, “There is a craft distillery boom that is sweeping the United States. Texas has been well represented by Balcones Distilling, which was among the first craft distilleries established in the state. The team at Balcones Distilling have done an outstanding job developing the brand and making it the brightest whisky star in Texas. We are proud to add the Balcones Distilling products to the Davos Brands portfolio and are keen to build on its success. We will continue to support the community of loyal Balcones consumers as we expand distribution.”

Jared Himstedt, Balcones Distilling co-founder and head distiller says, “We are excited to finally be able to expand our reach a bit and get more whisky out there. There are lots of folks across the country who have been asking for Balcones, but we just haven’t had enough supply or the personnel on the ground to get it to them. This partnership with Davos Brands should be a huge step toward getting our whiskies in the hands of everyone who’s been waiting to get Balcones where they live.”

Jeff Liebhardt, vice president of sales for Balcones comments, “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Davos Brands team. They are true professionals and a great culture fit, and we expect them to help take the Balcones brand to new heights.”

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