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Mulholland Distilling – American Whiskey

Mullholland Distilling 
American Whiskey 
Mulholland Distilling

Proof: 100
ABV: 50%
Style: Bourbon
State: CA
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens 7.6

Nose: Blast of oatmeal and sweet grain. Herbal bay leaf with a backdrop of banana and warm, baked bread. Faint straw and apple notes.

Palate: Alluring soft palate with warm grain-like features. Soft oriental spices and sweet butterscotch. Biscuit and orange marmalade to finish, with citrus.

Finish: Truly attractive and  balanced with whispers of heat.

Comments: Calms my nerves and speaks affectionately and softly on its flavor with each sip.

Susan Reigler 7.0

Nose: Toasted marshmallows with chewable vitamins and underlying vanilla. No obvious fruit or spices.

Palate: Multigrain cereal but very light. Cornflakes mixed with barley. A little vanilla and no fruit to speak of. Pepper is the only spice.

Finish: Long and peppery ending in oak tannins without much staying power.

Comments: This tastes young. Would it pick up more character with more time in the barrel? Water did nothing for it one way or other.


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