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Old Forge – Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey 10 Years Old

Old Forge
Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey 10 Years Old 
Old Forge Distillery

Proof: 89
ABV: 44.5%
Style: Bourbon
State: TN
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens 8.5

Nose: Bready yeast.Clove spice with big cherry notes surrounding in smouldering embers. Fennel and caramel appear at the right pace.

Palate: Beautiful tannins and caramel sweep your palate, with jammy accents of fruit. There is a silky texture, but bold and honey rich.

Finish: Medium length finish that evolves gracefully, but enticing and balanced.

Comments: Love the quiet storm of tannins and honey combo, perfect compliment.

Susan Reigler 8.2

Nose: Sweet cherries, vanilla pudding, some cinnamon and honey. A few minutes in the glass and oak tannins emerge.

Palate: Very grain forward with cornbread dough followed by fruit, spice, and some nuts. Much drier.

Finish: Quite long, with pepper outlasting vanilla and oak.   

Comments: Quite pleasant. Leave it in the glass for a while and the grain becomes less pronounced and a little bit of smoke begins to come forward.



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