Rabbit Hole 
Pernod Ricard

Proof: 95
ABV: 47.5%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens 9.0

Nose: Crème Brûlée with blackberries and dark brown sugar. Corn pudding and airy pipe smoke. Breadcrumbs and earthiness with some golden raisin.

Palate: A seductive caramel, marshmallow and sweet grains. Some dried apricots. Fresh baked apple pie and hints of dark chocolate.

Finish: Spice keeps unveiling itself, but the caramel is not forgotten.

Comments: Champion of complexity. I would pour it over the rocks, I would pour it over ice-cream… just pour it!

Susan Reigler 8.9 

Nose: Very light, with a subtle floral quality. Flowers are joined by vanilla and baking spice, too.

Palate: Dark fruit and toffee. But where have all the flowers gone? It still has complexity with pepper and oak.

Finish: Dries very quickly to oaky tannins that persist along with a sprinkling of pepper.

Comments: Some orchard fruit emerges with the addition of a little water. This whiskey would play very well with sweet vermouth in a Manhattan.


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