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291 – Aspen Stave Finished Colorado Bourbon Batch #6

Aspen Stave Finished Colorado Bourbon Batch #6
291 Distillery

Proof: 122.6
ABV: 61.3%
Style: Bourbon
State: CO
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens 8.9

Nose: Dark brown sugar and cinnamon brioche. Fresh Bing cherry and orange blossom. Peppery port with dark chocolate. Banana pudding.

Palate: Surround-sound pepper and leather. Texturally rich with the oak and fruit notes of cherry. Some smouldering wood notes and sweet baked apples.

Finish: Lingers and peels away to the tannins and rich wood sugars. Sweet and dry.

Comments: Assertively rich and chewy texture, well-spoken and classy.

Susan Reigler 8.6

Nose: Resinous wood, like a walk in a high-altitude forest. Then some caramel and wild berries. Also, quite soft given the high proof.

Palate: Dark fruit and herbs, which is a rather unusual combination of flavors found in Bourbon. It’s Scotch-like. There’s even a faint note of smoked meat.

Finish: The high proof arrives with heat at the back of the throat. Long and dry finish.

Comments: Put this is a rocks glass with an ice cube and be rewarded with fruit and caramel.

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