Angel’s Envy
Cask Strength
Louisville Distilling Co.

Proof: 122
ABV: 61.2%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens 9.0

Nose: Tremendous concentration on the dark raisin and dates. The nose has supple texture and a lively caramel and custard. Slight spice of ginger and cardamom.

Palate: Ginger wakes up from the nose to the first sip and is capturing. Engaging caramel and elongated tannins and wood sugar.

Finish: Lingering and sweet cascade. Not afraid to hold its own on the spice finish.

Comments: Crafted and polished and carries through to the finish.

Susan Reigler 9.0

Nose: The sweet port note is a prisoner of the high alcohol content. Also struggling to escape are butterscotch, toffee, dark fruit and vanilla.

Palate: Stewed dark fruit, cinnamon, honey and caramel.

Finish: Rolls across the tongue to the back of the throat with staying power throughout.

Comments: Add water! Not only will this put out the alcohol fire, you will be immediately rewarded with chocolate on the nose, caramel and fruit on the palate, and a long, complex finish.

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