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Boldt – Humboldt County Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Humboldt County Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alchemy Distillery

Proof: 101
ABV: 50.5%
Style: Bourbon
State: CA
Price: $$

Peggy No Stevens 7.5

Nose: Fresh peachy bouquet with vanilla zeal. Slivered almonds sprinkled on a caramel cake. Grainy corn sweetness that coexists with the wood notes.

Palate: Light brown sugar melted over pineapple and the slightest hint of some black pepper. Some mocha and marshmallow with a Graham cracker chaser.

Finish: Inviting finish, not too long but pleasant and texturally sound.

Comments: Warm and friendly, perfect to drink at any occasion.

Susan Reigler 7.2

Nose: Alcohol. Then some green herbs, corn and sweet spice. This seems young. After a time, there’s a bit of vanilla aroma.

Palate: Cinnamon spice predominates and while this is a fine note, there is not enough of the vanilla and caramel present to be equal partners. Pear struggles to be noticed.

Finish: Tingling and warm, but not too hot. But, it’s short.

Comments: This may be a classic case of needing more time in the barrel. Water flattens it.

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