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George Remus – Repeal Reserve

George Remus
Repeal Reserve

Proof: 100
ABV: 50%
Style: Bourbon
State: IN
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens 8.5

Nose: Blackcurrants and caramel, then cayenne and vanilla. Oriental spices are complex. Truffle balances it all.

Palate: Warm ginger and candied apple. Lovely oak with toasted breadcrumbs. Candied dates along with blackberry and plum.

Finish: Focused band of spice, followed by nice leathery tones.

Comments: Powerful and elegant with just a little bit of sass.

Susan Reigler 8.2

Nose: Delicate notes of banana, nutmeg, vanilla custard and honey. A soft and approachable nose that appeals to novice and veteran alike.

Palate: Vanilla changes to cherry and caramel candy with honey and subtle baking spices. Very drinkable but lacks depth. Sugar beats spice.

Finish: It’s the honey that persists up to a little spike of tannin to finish.

Comments: A couple of drops of water frees more fruit. Very nice neat or with those drops but would probably get lost in a cocktail.

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