Jim Beam
White Label
Beam Suntory

Proof: 80
ABV: 40%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens 7.0

Nose: Pear and apricot fruit notes are faint. Vanilla bean and granola with some cane sugar reflection. Pencil shavings and celery with a slight buttery note.

Palate: Light and airy with glimpses of sweet vanilla. Some tart citrus notes, but a bit of burn on the back side. Cinnamon and some herbal mint.

Finish: Does not sing long on the sweet, but the heat has some staying power at the end.

Comments: Almost Scotch-like with the light flavor profile.

Susan Reigler 7.1

Nose: Corn, hayloft, sweet mint and ripe apples. The lightness reveals the low proof.

Palate: Vanilla and some caramel assert themselves here. Apples are joined by honey and cinnamon for a lovely low-proof tipple.

Finish: Medium long with a nice amount of sweetness. It’s clean with a bit of lingering caramel and honey at the end.

Comments: Lawn-mower Bourbon for the experienced devotee and a fine entry level sip for a beginner to try out.



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