Kings County
Single Malt
Kings County Distillery

Proof: 94
ABV: 47%
Style: Single Malt
State: NY
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens 8.5

Nose: Cool pipe smoke and fresh hay. Golden apple and pear. Toasty-nutty bouquet. Coconut macaroons. Simple syrup with smoke.

Palate: Cayenne with a great cigar combo. Enjoyable grassy layer with light sage and white sugar overtones.

Finish: Distinct spice character of peppers and herbal cast that is warm and alluring.

Comments: Wrap yourself around this one, it is truly enjoyable and well done.

Susan Reigler 8.0

Nose: Subtle peat followed by peaches, vanilla and new baseball glove. Not complex, but well balanced.

Palate: Smoky like a good grilled burger with vanilla, pitted fruit, brown sugar and some cinnamon. Well balanced with the peat.

Finish: Sweet smoke persists. No trace of bitterness in the oak.

Comments: It would be very interesting to taste this youngster after more time in the barrel. The balance is very good here, but age could add some depth.

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