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Sacred Stave – American Single Malt

Sacred Stave
American Single Malt
Santan Brewing + Distilling Co.

Proof: 90
ABV: 45%
Style: Single Malt
State: AR
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Steven 7.4

Fresh and floral with bright green apple and mint. Fruit cocktail with grassy hay. Light pink peppercorn and honeyed grain.

Palate: Huge golden raisin and the floral keep coming with some scented hibiscus and rose water. Simple syrup and honey sweetness. Sneaking at the end with a wash of cinnamon.

Finish: Dances with the freshness of fruit but keeps the spice at play.

Comments: Unusual mix of flavors that is interesting and original.

Susan Reigler 8.0

Nose: Light malt on the nose with overripe pears and some honey. Opening the door to a florist’s shop.

Palate: Very fruity and floral. Notes of pears and peaches, though the spice is more peppery than sweet. A balance of sweet and hot.

Finish: The malted barley bounces around the mouth as the fruit and flower stay.

Comments: Too fruity for the malt drinkers who walk on the peat side of the style. Those who enjoy Irish whiskey will be very happy.

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