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Snitching Lady – Button’s Blue Corn Whiskey

Snitching Lady
Button’s Blue Corn Whiskey
Snitching Lady Distillery

Proof: 100
ABV: 50%
Style: Corn
State: CO
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens 6.9

Nose: Sweet corn pudding and sugar cookie, almost cake batter. Soft coffee notes and apple butter on toast. Melon and herbal-tinged nose.

Palate: First taste can be medicinal and astringent. Go deeper on the second taste to get the corn-forward taste. White pepper and cayenne all day long.

Finish: Settles in for a spicy rest and the oak keeps up and appears.

Comments: Would like to taste the corn more.

Susan Reigler 6.7

Nose: Corn vinegar. Who knew there was such a thing? Once past the astringency, there’s a whiff of apple.

Palate: This is sweeter on the palate than on the nose with cornbread, yeast and pepper. Not complex, but this style of whiskey never is.

Finish: Short. Some light oak tannins and little else.

Comments: Try this in a whiskey-based punch where it might marry well with fruit. Not really a sipping whiskey.

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