Sonoma County
Sonoma County Distilling Co.

Proof: 96
ABV: 48%
Style: Rye
State: CA
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens 7.3

Nose: Yeasty raisin bread with a grainy rye essence. Honey-dipped granola and peachy fruit, then smoked oak. Herbaceous fennel and white pepper with some ginger on the tail end.

Palate: Smooth with crisp baking spices and streaks of smoke and black tea. Leather notes and pipe tobacco. Dark fruit with a little bit of  cardamom there.

Finish: Leaves the tongue a bit smokey and dry to the bone.

Comments: Wood notes and smoke notes carry heavy on the end.

Susan Reigler 7.7

Nose: Toasted dark rye bread with very dry black pepper. Overall warm, spiky, spices and some dark, dry fruit.

Palate: Initial rye is very quickly followed by a mouthful of dark chocolate and figs. The pepper is smoked and with a little dry oak.

Finish: Very long, dry and spicy, but simple compared to before. A shame the fruit and herbs didn’t stay.

Comments: Sip this neat, since water tends to flatten it. But it would make a very solid base for a cocktail.

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