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Online Tasting: F.E.W

Welcome to the distillery…

F.E.W Spirits has found itself in Evanston, Illinois, the home of the Temperance Movement which was in fact a dry city in need of some spirit. The master distiller at F.E.W, Paul Hletko overturned the prohibition laws that had stood in place for more than 100 years to become the first grain-spirit distiller within the city limits.

No mean feat! Let’s see what our Editor thought of the F.E.W Rye in her tasting note below.

F.E.W Spirits

Proof: 93
Style: Rye
State: IL
Price: $$

Tasting Note
Phoebe Calver – 8.1

Nose: A mint-like freshness, leaning towards a mint humbug. Then we have light fruit salad with nectarine pieces, freshly peeled and maraschino cherry juice.

Palate: Lightly coating on the tongue, like you’ve popped a caramel penny in your mouth. The spice emerges from the rye in the form of refreshing peppermint. There’s a real savoury edge, with a hint of cardamom and some grated nutmeg on top of that zesty fruit salad.

Finish: Long with the sweetness lingering.

Comment: A real journey for the senses here, with a great balance of sweet and savoury. Highly sippable!

Visit the distillery

F.E.W Distillery operates tours from Thursday through to Sunday, as well as opening the doors to their tasting room on Thursdays and Fridays, from 2 to 6pm in order to give you a taste of what’s on offer from the first distillery in the home of the Temperance Movement.

F.E.W Spirits
918 Chicago Ave,

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