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Cocktail Conference Call

It’s that time of the week again and we are very excited for this week’s cocktail conference call, the time dedicated to testing out a new recipe with your friends through the magic of technology.

We’re back this week with Balcones who have treated us to Nellie’s Punch, a zingy little number that uses their single malt and a hit of ginger… and we all know ginger has healing properties!

Check out the recipe below. 

Nellie’s Punch


1 Bottle of Balcones Single Malt
4-5 inches of peeled and chopped ginger
4 lemons
¾ cup of demerara sugar
¾ cup of lemon juice
1 quart of water


Mason Jar
Punch bowl or large pot


Combine the four lemon peels and ginger in mason jar with demerara, then put to one side for four to eight hours. Add lemon juice and shake well. In a large pot, empty the contents of the jar and add one bottle of whisky and one quart of water. Bottle the punch and store in fridge for up to two weeks.


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