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Brown-Forman donates meals throughout April

Throughout this period of uncertainty, Brown-Forman has gone in search of new ways to assist its neighbors. The result is the announcement that for the month of April, and on into the first week of May, the company is donating meals to a selection of food pantry organizations in the California neighborhood and Louisville community.

A team has been assembled, made up of the Bourbon Street Café (Brown-Forman’s on-site employee restaurant) and their event planning team, and they are equipped to assemble approximately 2,000 bagged lunches per day and an estimated 40,000 in the month.


Each lunch will be made up of a sandwich, snacks, fruit and dessert, all of which will be assembled at the Brown-Forman campus. The team is partnering with Wiltshire Pantry in order to deliver and distribute to more than 10 organizations, following all health and safety precautions closely.

Throughout these challenging times, Brown-Forman is continuing to ask the question: how can they aid communities at this time of need? Alongside the community meals plan, the company has donated $1 million for the people and communities that mean so much to them.

The donation will be spread across multiple locations and agencies to help support those impacted by COVID-19. Initial contributions include: One Louisville, the Hospitality Industry, and International donations.


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