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Online Tasting: Jeptha Creed

Jeptha Creed
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
98 proof

Tasted by Phoebe Calver

Nose: An initial hit of old leather, reminds me of warm summer’s afternoons helping out in my grandad’s garage. There’s a wine or sherry edge to it; think dark cherries in a black forest gateau. There’s a light hit of cinnamon spice followed up with freshness, like vanilla cream.

Palate: There is immediate spicy warmth there, but again that freshness follows up… like the sensation after a breath mint. It’s actually more herbaceous than I was expecting, but then the sherry is back with its dark fruits and a light coating of milk chocolate.

Finish: The freshness lingers, not for long, but enough to enjoy.

Comment: This is a really intriguing sip, perhaps a little longer in the barrel would cement these flavours, but, as it is, I genuinely enjoyed it and it’s piqued my interests!

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