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Clermont Distilling Co. announces distillery plans

Despite still being submerged in a year of uncertainty, Clermont Distilling Co. has announced its plan to create Kentucky’s newest distillery, located off on I-65 at the Clermont/Bardstown exit.

Following on from receiving approval from the Kentucky Business Investment (KBI) and Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act (KEIA) programs, the company made their announcement. Phase one of the project will be aimed at the distillery operations, with the incentive created to provide 22 full-time jobs for the distillery that cover all levels of management and operations.

The new distillery build will comprise 55 acres of land, located on both sides of KY 245, leading to Bardstown. The distillery operations will take up approximately 15 acres of the property, with the Clermont team exploring joint venture opportunities for the remaining 40 acres of the property. At present this looks to be focused on tourism amenities, including accommodation and other potential attractions.

“As a 5th generation Kentuckian, our family has deep ties to the Bourbon industry through various bloodlines. This project brings us great excitement to have our new Distillery joining the iconic Kentucky Bourbon industry. The land chosen for Clermont Distillery had been held by the same family for over 90 years and became available for purchase at the most perfect time,” says Lee Wilburn, founder and regional developer. 

With support from the state and county, Clermont Distillery expects to begin construction in the Spring of 2021 with hopes to drive economic development around the KY 245 corridor. The Distillery itself is planned to be traditionally-designed, energy efficient, with the most up-to-date technology and monitoring features.

“We are looking to purchase locally through Vendome Copper & Brass Works, with plans to have a 36-inch continuous still. The 36-inch column still will support operations as we get started but also provides scalability to produce up to 50,000 barrels per year to support “house” brands, established brands we bring in house and contract distilling,” Wilburn reveals.

This will be the first announcement of many to come out in the next several months as more details emerge. Clermont Distilling Co. has been building a group of established individuals in both the bourbon and hospitality industry to embark on a one-of-a-kind experience to spotlight Kentucky’s signature spirit.

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