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Bulleit joins forces with American Forests to plant one million trees

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has announced its partnership with American Forests as part of the brand’s continued fight against climate change.

American Forests, the oldest national non-profit conservation organization in the US and leader in forestry innovation, seemed the perfect partner for Bulleit which recently announced the Bulleit Frontier Fund. The fund reaffirms the brand’s long-standing commitment to a sustainable future for the bartending and hospitality industry.

The partnership has been created with the aim of planting one million trees over the next five years, reforesting eastern landscapes dominated by white oaks which are a key species for wildlife, water conservation and forest products.

 “At Bulleit, we believe now more than ever that businesses have a responsibility to our environment, our communities and our planet,” said Sophie Kelly, senior vice president of whiskey at Diageo North America. “We’re so excited about our partnership with American Forests, because it allows us to further our commitment to sustainability and help in the fight against climate change by planting these trees, which will provide a variety of environmental benefits for years to come including carbon sequestration, air purification, water conservation, and providing vital wildlife habitat.”

 “White oak forests benefit every aspect of our lives, from providing clean air and water to the amazing smells and flavors in a glass of Bourbon,” said Jad Daley, president and CEO of American Forests. “This great new partnership with Bulleit will give back to these forests by taking care of white oak forests for long-term health and resilience.”

Together, Bulleit and American Forests will not only plant trees but also utilize innovative forestry, including using prescribed fire to facilitate natural oak restoration and planting trees in ways that will help them thrive in a changing climate.

These one million trees planted through the Bulleit and American Forests partnership will provide a variety of environmental benefits for years to come. American Forests has calculated these benefits to include:

  • Carbon Sequestration:
    • 645,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide will be stored over the next 100 years*, equal to removing the emissions from driving 140,000 cars over one year.**
  • Air Purification:
    • An average of 74,000 pounds of air pollutants will be removed from the air per year.*** For fine particles like dust, this benefit is equal to removing 1,000 cars from the road.**
  • Water Conservation:
    • An average of 75 million gallons of runoff will be conserved per year,*** equal to the volume of water stored by 114 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • Providing Vital Wildlife Habitat:
    • Roughly 2,000 acres of critical forest across several states in the Eastern US will be restored.****

Bulleit has prioritized white oak restoration because in addition to being a cornerstone species of forests in the Eastern United States, white oaks are essential to the future of so many industries, including the whiskey industry.

In order for a spirit to be named Bourbon it must be aged in new charred oak barrels, and it is thanks to white oak that the toasted, vanilla, caramel and nutty notes come alive in our glasses. Once one of the Bulleit barrels is used to age Bourbon, the life cycle of the barrel continues with the majority of barrels being used for many years to age other spirits like scotch, rum, and tequila.

It is a priority for both Bulleit and its parent company, Diageo, to operate responsibly and preserve natural resources for future generations. The commitment of Bulleit to plant one million trees over five years, will contribute to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to its reforestation efforts in large landscapes, Bulleit has committed to supporting American Forests’ goal of creating tree equity and green space in urban areas. These community efforts are set to kick-off in 2021 in Louisville, KY.

*Estimates on carbon storage derived from USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis data for Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, the region we expect to plant in
**EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator
***Estimates derived from an average tree planting throughout our planting region using iTree County
****Estimated by American Forests based on previous plantings and average trees planted per acre

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