West Fork Whiskey releases Lockdown Cocktail Co. Mixers

The nationwide launch of Lockdown Cocktail Co.’s mixers has made for an exciting addition to Cyber Monday’s festivities.

Indianapolis-based craft distillery, West Fork Whiskey Co. announced its latest offering of pre-made craft cocktail mixers and revealed they are available for online purchase and delivery nationwide.

This announcement follows the launch of West Fork Whiskey’s e-commerce site, which has allowed its Old Hamer products to become available for shipment to 31 states across the country.

West Fork Whiskey’s newest release comes after the distillery initially launched Quarantine Elixir Mixers, homemade cocktail mixers, at the beginning of the pandemic to provide whiskey fans the opportunity to enjoy West Fork Whiskey products from the safety of their own homes.

Following the success locally of these products, West Fork Whiskey rebranded the mixers to the timely Lockdown Cocktail Co. moniker and has created two mixers: Smash Shake Up and Old Fashioned. Consumers can simply add their whiskey of choice to their mixer, as the mixers do not contain alcohol.

“Since the pandemic is changing the way we enjoy bars and going out, we decided to give people a way to continue enjoying our products and our signature craft whiskey cocktails without having to leave home,” said Blake Jones, co-founder at West Fork Whiskey.

“Launching our first line of whiskey-specific cocktail mixers nationally is an exciting step for us in sharing our love of whiskey and reaching new audiences.”

Additionally, West Fork Whiskey’s Old Hamer products are now available in select major retailers in Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee, as well as in 31 other states via the online shop

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