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New Riff’s Winter Whiskey tips

New Riff Distilling hopes to start a new holiday tradition with the launch of its Winter Whiskey, a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey made with malted oat and chocolate malt. Reminiscent of a chocolate oatmeal stout, this addition to New Riff’s lineup is a seasonal stunner.

Winter Whiskey tastes like a conversation between the dry cocoa quality of the chocolate malt, a balanced amount of oak and a unique spicy quality distinct from that of rye. The finish dances away on the oaty spice, with hints of Belgian cocoa. Despite the suggestion of chocolate in the grains – and in the name – Winter Whiskey never turns sweet or cloying, tending to delicate dryness. Winter Whiskey is bottled in bond without chill filtration at 100 proof, and aged at least four years.

Co-founder Jay Erisman says there’s no wrong way to enjoy Winter Whiskey – but that it is best when shared with loved ones, either safely in person or virtually!

Here’s his top five tips to get you started:

1. Our bottled-in-bond Winter Whiskey is delicious straight up at 100 proof, but a splash of water on this unfiltered dram unchains additional roasted spice notes and cocoa bean husk.

2. For a cheese pairing, I always enjoy some aged Gouda with good Bourbon whiskey. Here, pairing with a not-too-sweet oatmeal cookie studded with chocolate chips might seem blatantly obvious. It is – and it’s fantastic!

3. Despite the presence of ‘chocolate malt,’ this special whiskey lends to dryness. It benefits from the sweet vermouth in a fine Manhattan. I suggest chocolate bitters (like from Bitter Truth) to pop out that chocolate malty note in your favorite Manhattan.

4. This is a great whiskey to use in a toast, and there are plenty of heroes to celebrate in 2020 – from frontline healthcare workers and all the essential employees making our new normal possible, to our own Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, to Georgia political activist Stacey Abrams, to anyone wearing a mask in public. With all love: this chocolate oatmeal stout Bourbon toast is for you!

5. Winter Whiskey is best when shared. It’s a go-to gift for those on your list that honor old traditions and new riffs. Released just once each year – yes, we’re planning more to come in the future – we’d like to think we’re creating a new riff on a NEW tradition!

Winter Whiskey will be available across New Riff’s distribution, with a suggested MSRP of $49.99. For more information, visit www.newriffdistilling.com.

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