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Tasting: Distillery 291, American Whiskey

291 Colorado

American Whiskey

Distillery 291

Proof: 90
ABV: 45%
Style: American Whiskey
State: CO
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose:  Granola rolled in honey. Grits and oatmeal with a sweet twist of candied dates and corn pudding. Some hay aromas and oak.

Palate: Almost buttery and sweetness of cane sugar. Yeasty with sliced almonds and herbaceous with basil and fennel.

Finish: Easy going and playful with the herbs and sweet gestures of flavors appearing.

Comment: Would welcome this with a ginger ale to make a delicious highball.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Corn husk, oak, and cellulose. The herbal notes soften, and a little apple peel and red currant appear.

Palate: Grain headlines at the beginning, but more ripened with the oak and some light spice.   
Finish: Oak, oak, oak. The wood dominates and barely misses being bitter at the end, veering into pepper instead.

Comment: A couple of drops of water sweetens this considerably, so apply, since the whiskey instantly becomes more interesting with more fruit and less oak.



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