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At home with: Dan Callaway

Dan Callaway hosting a tasting at BBC

The past 12 months have ensured that the whiskey industry’s working life looks very different to its original self. For Bardstown Bourbon Company’s vice president, hospitality & product development, Dan Callaway, this change has brought with it a whole new appreciation for his team.

For many 2020 and the beginning of this year have shone a light on their careers and industries on a larger scale, and the whiskey world is no different. With the full spectrum of roles across the industry drastically altered, we thought it would be interesting to see how some of our friends in the industry are approaching their work now.

Dan Callaway behind Bardstown Bourbon Company’s bar

American Whiskey Magazine: What’ve you learned about your life in whiskey since you’ve been grounded?

Dan Callaway: I’ve found a new appreciation for our incredible distilling team. While our restaurant and tours were on hold for the summer, our distillery kept producing outstanding product. The effort and dedication in our distillery are second to none, I learned how much of what we do depends on them. 

AWM: Has your view of the industry changed during this time and if so, how?

DC: I believe in the resiliency of the whiskey industry, especially here in Bardstown. That consistency and dependability is once again being proven. 

AWM: What are your whiskey-related hopes for 2021?

DC: My hope is to reignite the connectivity of the international whiskey community. One of the special things about Bardstown is the opportunity to meet whiskey enthusiasts from around the globe, my hope is to welcome them in 2021. 

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