In conversation with Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest Whiskey leadership team

This International Women’s Day American Whiskey Magazine is celebrating empowerment within the whiskey world with the leadership team at Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

It’s a little-known fact that the leadership team of Tennessee-based Uncle Nearest, the whiskey that launched on to the scene in 2017, is 100 per cent female. Among the team sits an immense breadth of knowledge, acumen and an all-out love for whiskey that has then rightfully placed at the helm.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and this team perfectly symbolises the way that the concept of a ‘typical’ whiskey drinker or maker is being challenged.

The leadership team is made up of CEO and founder Fawn Weaver, senior VP of sales & marketing Kate Jerkens, director of whiskey operations Sherrie Moore, master blender Victoria Butler, and director or marketing Lucia Creed.

The conversation will be live streamed on March 8, at 12:30pm CST (6:30pm GMT) on Youtube and Facebook, hosted by American Whiskey Magazine editor, Phoebe Calver.

Let’s celebrate our mutual love of whiskey! We welcome you to join the conversation with us on social media, via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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