Exclusive single barrel releases debuted by BBC

Bardstown Bourbon Company glass

Bardstown Bourbon Company has kicked off 2021 with the unveiling of its Distillery Collection

Located in the heart of Bourbon Country, Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBC) has announced the release of its series of rare single barrel Bourbons, collectively named the Distillery Collection. The bottlings will be available exclusively onsite at the distillery and look set to match the distillery’s theme of innovation and collaboration.

The Distillery Collection will launch with a Phifer Pavitt XO 44-month Cabernet finish, following the first Phifer Pavitt collaboration that was released in February 2019 and finished for 18 months to much acclaim.

“Innovation, collaboration and exclusivity come together in our Distillery Collection” noted Bardstown’s vice president of hospitality and product development, Dan Callaway. “From experimental finishes to unique single-barrels, these releases encapsulate our modern approach to whiskey-making and showcase that every time you visit, there’s something new to discover and take home after your Bardstown experience.” 

To complement the release of the Distillery Collection, Bardstown Bourbon Company is unveiling a fill your own bottle tour experience. This system, designed and manufactured by Vendome Copper & Brass Works, will enable guests to fill their bottle of Distillery Collection straight from the barrel at the end of each tour. This experience is set to be a first-of-its-kind to be done in a rickhouse. Participating guests will draw these cask-strength offerings straight from the source, fill out their label, and take home a personalized rare release.  

“The blend of art and science in this Vendome creation is a perfect match for our brand” commented Justin Willet, executive director of manufacturing operations, BBC. “To come out in our rickhouse and fill your own bottle is a special opportunity to connect with our Bourbon through a one-of-a-kind experience.” 

The Distillery Collection is an ever-evolving program that will regularly present new exclusive releases, starting at $199.99/750 mL MSRP. Following the Phifer Pavitt XO will be a double-barrel offering of their award-winning Discovery Series this spring, offering re-barrelled Bourbon as a completed blend and aged on site for 20 months. Future releases will also include French Oak, Syrah, and Cognac single barrels.  

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