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Friday Cocktail Club #1

Balcones Pecan Old Fashioned friday cocktail club

Welcome to the Friday Cocktail Club; although we know that a whiskey cocktail is the perfect addition to any day of the week, there’s something rather ceremonial about packing up for the week and settling in at home with your new favorite recipe.

First up for this week’s Friday cocktail concoction of choice, the team at Balcones have created a nutty treat to ease us in to the weekend. All you need is the following ingredients and you’re good to go!

As always, we love to see your cocktail creations, so be sure to tag @americanwhiskeymag and @balconesdistilling on Instagram to join the festivities.

Pecan Old Fashioned




2 oz. Balcones True Blue
¼ oz. pecan syrup
4-5 dashes of aromatic bitters


Orange twist


Add Balcones True Blue, pecan syrup and bitters to an ice-filled rocks glass and stir until chilled. Garnish with an orange twist.

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