Blue Run Spirits unveils spring release

Blue Run

Following on from the award of Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Blue Run Spirits has announced the release of its limited Spring offering.

Blue Run 13.5 Years Old Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon has launched as 10 individual limited-edition bottlings from 10 different barrels; each are hand numbered to show the proof, barrel number, and bottling date.

The 13.5-year-old single barrel release follows on from Blue Run’s inaugural release in October, 2020 of the Blue Run 13 Years Old Bourbon.

All of the 10 barrels of 13.5-year-old whiskey come from the same mash bill, yeast, still, and warehouse; however, how the liquid reacted to both the wood and the position in the warehouse has delicately altered the characteristics of the whiskey.

Between 104 to 150 bottles will be available from each barrel, with the proofs varying from 124 to 132. The secret to which barrel the Bourbon came from can be found on the hand-numbered label, which gives a hint at that whiskey’s particular characteristics and flavor profile:

Blue Run Spirits, 13.5 Years Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The 10 barrels up close

Barrel #1: Mellow sweet corn and brown sugar apple butter that develops into mellow oak tannins

Barrel #2: Deep chocolate and honey-drenched s’more

Barrel #3: Gorgeous crème brûlée with a burst of dark brown sugar and streaks of ginger

Barrel #4: Creamy toffee with bites of cocoa and black pepper

Barrel #5: Sultry black cherry and oak with clove honey

Barrel #6: Decadent dark chocolate with a marshmallow frame and clove cascade

Barrel #7: Layers of char smoke and rich vanilla wood sugar

Barrel #8: Roasted pecan and nutty campfire smoke

Barrel #9: Spice forward with bold black pepper and baking spices and an herbaceous wrap

Barrel #10: Oak tannin and dark raisin combination with a whip of smoke on the finish

“This limited-edition, high-proof release offers a uniquely customized experience based upon each whiskey fan’s palate, pairings and passions,” said Mike Montgomery, CEO of Blue Run Spirits. “While a bottle of Blue Run Bourbon will definitely stand out on your bar, it’s the flavor we are most proud of and glad to see experts like the judges at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition agree.” 

Blue Run 13.5-Year-Old Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon will be found in May initially in Kentucky, California, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington, DC, as well as online. Now comes the twist: No state will receive bottles from all ten barrels. Each will get up to nine, encouraging collectors to reach out to friends to help amass the entire collection. The product will also be available through Blue Run Bourbon will be available at $229.99 SRP.

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