George Dickel returns to Bottled-in-Bond category

George Dickel Bottled in Bond

Tennessee-based Cascade Hollow Distilling Co., home of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky, has returned to the Bottled-in-Bond category with the release of the Bottled in Bond Distilling Season Spring 2007.

The 13-year-old whisky is a limited-edition release, following in the footsteps of George Dickel’s Fall 2005 and Fall 2008 whiskies, and marks the first offering from a spring distilling season.

George Dickel’s spring release – Bottled in Bond Distilling Season Spring 2007

The latest bottling is part of general manager and distiller Nicole Austin’s efforts to build on the legacy of Cascade Hollow Distilling Co., working innovatively while maintaining her commitment to create consistent, quality whisky.

At 100 proof (50% ABV), George Dickel Bottled in Bond is versatile and can be enjoyed as it is, or equally holds its own in a cocktail.

“As the Bottled in Bond category continues to grow and more distilleries are experimenting with the style, I’m excited to add our first Spring vintage to the George Dickel’s Bottled in Bond series,” said Austin. “Like the previous two releases, this spirit shares the hallmarks of George Dickel’s nutty and waxy fruity characteristics, with this year’s release also featuring unique notes of cherry. We’re proud whisky drinkers can enjoy this rare, 13-year-old high proof liquid for a great price.”

A closer look at the Bottled in Bond label

This year’s George Dickel Bottled in Bond has a mash bill of 84 per cent corn, 8 per cent rye and 8 per cent malted barley. It is chill charcoal mellowed like the rest of the George Dickel Tennessee Whisky portfolio, creating a smooth and creamy mouthfeel for which the brand is best known.

Throughout May 2021 the new George Dickel Bottled in Bond will begin rolling out in select markets across the US for consumers to purchase at a suggest retail price of $44.99. Following the initial launch, the new expression will continue to hit shelves in markets throughout the summer so keep an eye out for the offering at local liquor stores in available markets.

As with all the whiskies in the George Dickel family, your friends at Cascade Hollow encourage you to sip this new offering the same way it’s made – slowly and responsibly.

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