Bardstown Bourbon Company releases fifth Discovery Series Bourbon

Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series

Kentucky-based Bardstown Bourbon Company has announced the expansion of its product line up, with the introduction of Fusion Series #5 and Discovery Series #5. The former is a blend of three Kentucky straight Bourbons aged between three and 11 years, while the latter is a blend of four straight Bourbon whiskeys, hailing from Kentucky and Tennessee and aged between six and 13 years.

“Similar to the past iterations of Fusion and Discovery Series, we count on a diverse group of experts to assist in the development of our products,” said vice president of manufacturing operations, John Hargrove. “We are extremely proud of this release and the process behind it.”

The Fusion Series celebrates the blending of Bardstown’s estate-made three and-four-year-old Bourbons with sourced, 11-year-old Kentucky Bourbon. Fusion #5 features an exemplary 11-year-old sourced Bourbon infused with two of Bardstown Bourbon’s own mash bills. The blend brings forward the flavors of rich bread pudding and caramelized plantains with a touch of orange zest, driving a taste of dark chocolate and bing cherries to the palette to create the perfect blend for summer sip or cocktail. 

Fusion Series #5 from Bardstown Bourbon Company

The Discovery Series honors the art of blending old and rare Bourbons that create depth and complexity, allowing drinkers to discover a new tasting note in each sip. The newest iteration includes flavors of ripe, vibrant cherries over rich caramel and roasted marshmallow, accented by a touch of orange zest. The smooth mouth feels provide a wonderfully warming finish in what is sure to be another must-have Discovery release. 

“Fusion and Discovery Series #5 are truly some of our most unique blends yet and we are thrilled to finally bring them to the shelves,” shared master distiller Steve Nally. “We continue to introduce more of our own mash bills into the blend, which is evident in this newest release.” 

Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion Series #5 is bottled at 94.9 proof with a suggested retail price of $59.99 /750 ml. Discovery Series #5 is bottled at 104.7 proof with a suggested retail price of $129.99/750 ml. The new blends are available within all of Bardstown Bourbon Company’s current markets this month, including: KY, IN, TN, IL, OH, CA, D.C., MD, DE, CO, NV, TX, GA, WI, AL, MS, FL, NY, NC and MI. 

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